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686Re: [Lambengolmor] Sindarin pronouns in -n ?

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  • Pavel Iosad
    Jun 15, 2004

      David Kiltz wrote, on the subject of assuming an indirect
      patientive object for 'name', 'feed' and sundry:

      >(1) Doing so would, IMHO, be the same as to argue that
      >'to feed' takes an indirect object (dative) because
      >it can be paraphrased as 'give food (to sb.) or 'to
      >ask' as it may be paraphrased as 'to put a question to
      >sb.' etc.. I think you get the point.

      Well, in real-world languages of course a patient (that
      which is given, be it name name, or food as in the case
      of 'feed') will be expected to take a more privileged
      syntactic position (sc. direct object) than the recipient.
      However, applicative constructions and/or derivatives
      (promoting peripheral arguments to core syntactic
      positions) are not quite infrequent: for instance, Russian
      _kormitj_ 'to feed' normally codes the one who is fed in
      the accusative and the food with the instrumental.
      However, its derivative _skarmlivatj_ (which means the
      same, but also carries stylistic overtones) takes the food
      as direct object and the one being fed as indirect object
      in the dative.

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