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683Re: [Lambengolmor] glaan, glan (and Re: _haeron_ -- a minor correction)

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  • Pavel Iosad
    Jun 14, 2004

      Dider Willis wrote:

      >Under the stem GALÁN "bright", we find N. _glan_ "clear"
      >(first glossed as "daylight").
      >This could perhaps be linked to _Curunír 'Lân_, an
      >Elvish (sur)name for Saruman the White (UT:390). People
      >had long deduced that _'lân_ could be a mutated adjective *_glân_,

      Which is not at all surprising, given its outstanding
      similarity with the Welsh word _glan_ 'clear, bright'
      (where the vowel, incidentally, is long, which is
      concealed by Welsh orthographic convention).

      >related to other derivatives of GAL/ÑAL -- but along with
      >this hitherto unpublished entry, we could perhaps
      >interpret it more precisely as "white, *(shining as bright

      I agree. It must be pointed out that this association of
      these senses with this form must have followed Tolkien
      from very early on: cf. PE11:39, which has _glan_ 'clean,
      pure' (originally 'bright') and PE13:144, where we find
      _glann_ 'clean'; pl. _glainn_.

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