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666VT45 Errata ?

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  • lambendil
    May 9, 2004
      In VT45:14 (s.v. 3EL-) we read :

      "*_Helwe_ name of Teler-lord, N _Elwe_, always recorded in Tel. and N
      form _Elwe_"

      I think there is a typo here (else the editors would have noticed this
      slip) and the correct reading should be :

      "Q _Elwe_, always recorded in Tel. and N form _Elwe_"

      (or, perhaps "N _Elwe_, always recorded in Tel. and Q form _Elwe_")

      S├ębastien Bertho

      [The passage as given in VT45:14 is correct; in this instance there
      was no slip by the editors, nor a slip by Tolkien. In the Etymologies,
      bases beginning in 3- have Qenya derivates in _h-_: thus 3AN- 'male'
      > Q _hanu_ 'a male', 3AR- 'have, hold' > Q _harya-_ 'possess', etc.
      In Noldorin initial 3- disappeared: thus 3AN- > N _anw_ 'a male',
      3AR- > N _ardh_ 'realm'.

      The point of the passage cited above s.v. 3EL- is that etymologically
      the Qenya form of the name of the lord of the Teleri would have
      been *_Helwe_, but the only name used in written records (apparently
      even records written in Qenya) was the Telerin/Noldorin form _Elwe_.
      The asterisk preceding *_Helwe_ does not indicate that it is a
      primitive or early form, but rather that it is a form not recorded
      in writing.

      -- PHW]
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