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66_Aldudénie_ (was Re: Quenya intervocalic -d-'s revisited)

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  • Eleder
    Jun 12, 2002
      > [It has been suggested many times before that _Aldudenie_, composed
      > by a Vanyarin elf, is a Vanyarin, not Quenya, title. Carl]

      The best discussion I can remember about the possibility that *_-dénie_
      was the Vanyarin cognate of Noldorin _nainie_, "lament", is the #5885
      message of Elfling, by Ales Bican:


      As he said, it's hard to believe that it could be a typo by Tolkien,
      since the word _Aldudénie_ appears in different manuscripts and
      texts carefully revised by Tolkien.

      By the way, I introduce myself in this list, as member of the
      Lambenor Spanish-speaking mailing-list, and the Team of
      Languages of the Spanish Tolkien Society.


      "La fantasía se inocula en tu intelecto cual vacuna contra la sórdida
      subsistencia, cuando el aguijón de John Ronald Reuel Tolkien se
      inserta en los patológicos hemisferios cerebrales de todo lector que
      padezca el acierto de acceder a su terapéutica saga."
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