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657META: Yahoo flakiness

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    Apr 15, 2004
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      I've noticed that some messages reported as being posted to the Lambengolmor list via its
      web interface have nonetheless not shown up for approval by Pat and myself. They seem
      simply to have vanished. Also, a message that I approved late last night has still not shown
      up in the archives or in e-mail.

      Anyone sending messages to this list, please be sure to copy the text of any messages you
      compose via the web interface and save a copy locally, until this issue is resolved, so that
      if the ether swallows them you can repost the message by e-mail and/or at a later date.

      If anyone here manages a Yahoo group and can give me insight into what is happening
      and why, please e-mail me privately (Aelfwine at elvish dot org).

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