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644Moria Spell

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  • Peter
    Mar 15, 2004
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      Has anyone tried to translate the version of Gandalf's spell to open
      the gates of Moria that appears in _The Return of the Shadow_ p. 451
      (paperback ed.):

      _Annon porennin diragas-venwed
      diragath-telwen porannin nithrad_

      the hyphens stand for dots in the original). Or does anyone know if
      this has been discussed on the mailing lists or elsewhere?


      [I seem to recall this verse being discussed in some detail once in
      VT, though with little success at coming up with a likely translation
      -- I haven't the time right now to search through my VT back-issues
      and provide a citation. As for finding out if this has been discussed
      on any of the Tolkien mailing lists, I would suggest Googling some
      unique words from the verse, and also trying the "Search Archive"
      feature on the various Yahoo groups devoted to Tolkien. -- PHW]
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