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641Re: Items in Bonhams auctions

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  • Beregond. Anders Stenstr�m
    Feb 25, 2004
      Carl F. Hostetter wrote:

      > _Periandion_, gen. pl. of _Perian(d)_ *'Hobbit'

      Is a Q _Perian(d)_ attested? Otherwise, might not the Q cognate
      of S _perian_ seen here be *_periande_ (cf. Q _quende_, cognate
      of S _pen_, HM XI pp. 361-2)?

      [To the best of my knowledge, attested only here. And quite right: I
      should have written _Perian(d)-_ (i.e., as a stem-form) instead.
      Thanks for pointing this out! CFH]

      > It appears that _meldenya_ *'my friend' was altered by Tolkien from
      > _meldonya_, probably to make it a specifically feminine form.

      In view of this, perhaps _Periandion_ is plural genitive of
      *_periande_ meaning 'female hobbit'?


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