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640Items in Bonhams auctions

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    Feb 24, 2004
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      I'd like to record here the existence of two items of linguistic interest in
      recent Bonhams auctions of Tolkien-holograph items.

      1) Sale No. 10889, Lot 601:

      First edition _Lord of the Rings_, inscribed in Quenya to Elaine
      Griffiths (Tolkien's friend and student), reading:

      _Elainen tárin Periandion ar meldenya anyáran_

      This is apparently intended to mean *'To Elaine, queen of Hobbits and my
      very old /oldest friend'.

      _Periandion_, gen. pl. of _Perian(d)_ *'Hobbit'. _anyáran_ seems to be
      an adjective formed on _yár-_, here apparently meaning *'old' in the
      sense of *'long-time' (cf. S _Iarwain_ 'oldest', _Iaur_ 'old', etc.)
      with intensive prefix _an-_ (cf. Q _ancalima_ 'brightest, very bright';
      also VT45:5 s.v A-, 36 s.v. N-). The termination _-n_ in _tarin_ *'queen'
      and _anyáran_ is intriguing; dative in agreement with _Elainen_?

      It appears that _meldenya_ *'my friend' was altered by Tolkien from
      _meldonya_, probably to make it a specifically feminine form.

      (Note: the reading of the inscription given in the catalogue is
      slightly erroneous. Click on the linked image to zoom in and read it.)

      2) Sale No. 11037, Lot 393:

      Lines from the _Crist_, in Anglo-Saxon calligraphy.

      (With thanks to Alan Reynolds for bringing this to the attention of the
      Tolkien mailing list!)

      Carl Hostetter
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