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633Eru 'the One' ... 'He that is Alone' ?

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  • Jérôme Sainton
    Feb 16, 2004
      I wondered whether the gloss "Eru : the One, He that is Alone" given
      by Christopher Tolkien into the index of the _Silmarillion (1977)_
      came from his own deduction or a JRR Tolkien's document. Indeed,
      whereas 'the One' is often found elsewhere (cf. the very
      gloss "Eru 'the One'" in XI/402), I didn't find any occurence of 'He
      that is Alone' in HOME. Neither remember I having seen it in any VT.

      One might relate the name of Eru to the root ER(E) in V/356 & L/384;
      but this is not said openly in _Quendi & Eldar_ or elsewhere (or did
      I miss something?), so is the index of the _Silmarillion_ right? I
      mean: the root ER(E) clearly implies an idea of "loneliness" which
      then would be assigned to Eru by saying 'He that is Alone'; knowing
      whether this idea is well-founded bears on what sense can be
      really infered from Eru's name.


      [I haven't had much time to search, but I haven't found a source for
      the particular gloss 'He that is Alone'. It may have been deduced by
      Christopher, or perhaps taken from one of the various scattered notes
      on nomenclature in Tolkien's papers. I don't recall seeing such a gloss,
      but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. CFH]
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