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628Re: Q _kiryassea_ adj?

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  • machhezan
    Feb 11, 2004
      Relative sentences specify the noun that they refer to, and so do
      adjectives. The English word _what_, however, isn't a proper
      relative pronoun in English, since it can only be used in relative
      sentences that don't specify any (pro)noun. Examples:

      Relative sentences that refer to a noun:

      I see the barrel _that_ is on board ship.
      I see a thing _that_ I like.
      **I see the barrel _what_ is on board ship.
      **I see a thing _what_ I like.

      Relative sentences that don't refer to a noun

      **I see (it) _that_ is on board ship.
      **I see (it) _that_ I like.
      I see _what_ is on board ship.
      I see _what_ I like.

      It seems to be a characteristic of the English language that
      relative sentences (and adjectives) can't be used without the (pro)
      noun they specify, since other languages, Latin for instance, use
      the same word for both kinds of relative sentences:

      Video (dolium) quod in naui est.
      Video (negotium) quod me placet.

      Based on Tolkien's use of the words _what_ and _that_, I'd guess he
      intended at least the adjectives to be usable without a specified noun,
      and maybe the relative sentences as well, just as in Latin.

      j. 'mach' wust
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