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627Re:Q _kiryassea_ adj?

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  • David Kiltz
    Feb 11, 2004
      On 10.02.2004, at 13:39, Edouard Kloczko wrote:

      > In _Parma Eldalamberon_ 14, p. 79 Tolkien writes that _kiryassea_ is an
      > adjectival form and translates it as "that is on board ship".

      > Could somebody construct an English sentence with "that/what is on
      > board ship" as an adjective? Looks more to me like a noun; what/that
      > is on board ship == the content of a ship == shipment ?

      > [... I would say that in both versions the gloss of _kiryassea_is intended
      > to convey that the adjective can be used to define and specify
      > a noun's location. Thus in Early Qenya we might say _n·Elda kiryassea_
      > 'the Elf that is on board ship'. CFH]

      1) The construction 'what' vs 'that' seems to be resolvable if we take
      the 2nd ('that') to be a shortened relative clause. So both mean the

      2) I think Carl's example sentence shows the usage of _kiryassea_. It
      is clearly _kirya_ 'ship' + loc. _-sse_ + adj. marker _-a_. While such
      constructions are usually, in European languages, rendered by relative
      clauses, the Quenya word is nevertheless an adjective.

      The sentence _n·Elda kiryassea_ may perhaps be more closely rendered
      as 'the on-board-ship-y Elf'. (The Elf is on board ship...) or, as Carl's
      example suggests with the copula not written: 'The Elf is one that is
      on board ship'. 'The Elf is an on-board-ship-y one' The -y sentences
      aren't grammatical in English but, I think, show the underlying
      grammatical construction.

      -David Kiltz
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