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621Errata in PE 14

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  • Helios De Rosario Martinez
    Jan 22, 2004
      There are two points in the recently published (and very interesting)
      Parma Eldalamberon #14 where I think that the text is misspelt.

      In the note 1 of page 60 it is said that:
      "row 3 (voiceless spirants) ==== CE class 3 initial (with _hw_ and _hw_
      for _hu_ and _hi_, the latter emended to _si_)" [with diacritics of
      semi-vocalic under _u_ and _i_].

      I guess that it should be "with _hw_ and _hy_" instead.

      [Yes, you are right, this is a typo. This passage should instead
      read "with _hw_ and _hy_". -- PHW]

      In page 64, under "(b) initial only" it is written:
      "_s_ ... [_di_ ... _su_] ... _st_" [also with diacritics under _i_ and

      I am not sure about this point, but the pattern of the other changes
      under this epigraph suggests "_s_ ... [_si_ ... _su_] ... _st_"

      [Right again! I have just checked my photocopy of the original
      typescript, and the line in question should indeed read
      "_s_ ... [_si_ ... _su_] ... _st_", with a subscript arch under
      the vowels in _si_ and _su_. Thanks, Helios, for pointing out
      these errata! -- PHW]