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615? Ambaroone

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  • laurifindil
    Jan 13 4:09 AM
      I was surprised not to see any correction for Ambaroone in Ety:348,
      in Vinyar Tengwar 45.

      It always looked to me a as typo for Ambaroona. Hammond in
      his "Artist and Illustrator", p. 197 cites "Ambaroona" (sic) as from

      (N.B. In LOTR II Ambarona is a typo in some printings for Ambaroona.)

      As for the meanings looks as to be :

      1° uprising (esp. sunrise)
      2° Orient ; Poét. the East of the World ; the Hills of Morning or
      the Gates of Morn(nings).

      For Fangorn that forest was in Orient as compared to Beleriand, and

      Edouard Kloczko

      [The reading _Ambaróne_ in the published _Etymologies_ s.v.
      AM(2)- 'up' is unquestionably correct. If there had been any
      doubt as to the identity of the final vowel, Carl and I would
      have noted this in the A&C.

      For the sake of clarity, I will repeat here what I said in an editorial
      note to Ales Bican's message #565:

      "For future reference, readers of the A&C can assume that
      corrigenda presented using the formula "[for:] THIS [read:] THAT"
      are certain. If there is any uncertainty about the correct reading,
      this is _always_ indicated, most often by the formula
      "[for:] THIS [perhaps read:] THAT"."

      To which I will now add the corollary: Any form in the published
      _Etymologies_ that is not mentioned in the A&C can be assumed
      to be correct.

      -- PHW]