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603Long and geminate consonants

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  • Helios De Rosario Martinez
    Jan 7, 2004
      Andreas Johansson wrote:

      > What is the difference between a long and a geminate trill?

      With "geminate" I wanted to mark (opposite to just "long") that the
      sound is split between two syllables. At least that is the meaning
      suggested by the Spanish philologist Fernándo Lázaro Carreter to the
      term _geminada_ in his _Diccionario de términos filológicos_
      (Editorial Gredos, Madrid 1953):

      "Geminada: Consonante que se pronuncia con dos momentos sucesivos de
      tensión, entre los cuales hay una distensión que sirve de límite
      silábico. Así, la _mm_ en italiano _femmina_."

      ("Geminate: Consonant that is pronounced in two sucesive moments of
      tension, between which there is a distension that marks a syllabic
      limit. Thus, the _mm_ in Italian _femmina_.")

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