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599Re: Did a "Third Age Quenya" ever exist?

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  • Hans Georg Lundahl
    Jan 6, 2004
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      Edouard Kloczko <ejk@...> wrote:

      >Now there is _hr_ and _hl_.

      >"In (archaic) Quenya this is written hl, but was in the Third Age usually
      >pronounced as l." (Appendix E)

      >In the Third Age does not mean necessary that the pronunciation of _hl_ as _l_
      >began during the Third Age, but that is was the common one at that time; it
      >could have developed well before that among the Noldor.

      >For _hr_ we have : "It was written hr in Quenya." (Appendix E).
      >So _hr_ was still a voiceless _r_ in Quenya of the Exile. No changes.

      In Swedish, the common pronunciation of _hj_ and _hv_ (very few dialects apart) has for centuries been _j_ ("y" in French/Spanish/English) and _v_, but still (up to the spelling reform of 1906) the language was not seen as different from the one in which the pronunciation was respectively like _hjarmen_ and _hwesta_. Similarly, in Latin, the pronunciation of _v_ changed from half vowel _w_ to labiodental fricative around 50 AD, as scholars reckon now, equally without any sense that there was a new language or dialect around. A minor change in pronunciation does not change language. So even if there was a change in that pronunciation, precisely during the Third Age, it would not have introduced a new Quenya.

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