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580New essay on Sindarin syntax

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  • Aaron Shaw
    Jan 5, 2004
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      Greetings everyone :)

      I would like to announce the publication of a new essay regarding
      the syntax of Sindarin on my website I-Lam Arth. Being a co-author
      of the paper I am very interested in the knowledgeable oppinions of
      the members of this excellent list. To give a brief synopsis of said

      Main Intent

      The general intent was to analyze the syntax of the late Noldorin
      and Sindarin corpus in hope of uncovering hidden, but plausible
      information. We do not attempt to predict any certain forms, nor
      prescribe a grammar. The article is entirely descriptive in nature.

      Some of the topics covered(some briefly):

      ·Syntactic relationships that seem to cause lenition
      ·Abnormal word order and its possible implications for _guren
      bêd enni_
      ·An analysis of basic word orders and their derivatives
      ·Determiners and their consequences syntactically and semantically

      This is only a basic listing, though there is not much else. We do
      not delve into some of the topics as deeply as I would have liked,
      but that will remedid with further articles. This article assumes
      the basic syntactic x-bar structure, though later articles will
      utilize OT theory, Directions towards the Minimalist program, and
      perhaps HDPG.

      I am specifically looking for feedback regarding this article. It
      is my hope that it will spur discussion - good or bad :).

      You can find the article here - http://sindarin.weet.us/syntax.html


      Aaron Shaw
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