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571Re: Quenya rhotacism

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  • Andreas Johansson
    Jan 3, 2004
      Quoting Ales Bican <ales.bican@...>:

      > Andreas Johannson remarked:
      >> In Etym, under TARAG, we se *_targâ_ as the ancestral form of Q >_tarya_.
      > ... I cannot quite understand the change of _g_ to _y_. Perhaps the _y_ in
      > _tarya_ is a misreading for _g_ and we will have the very first word with
      > _rg_? And looking at development of _gh_ (written as gamma) in PE12:24
      > where _rgh_ gave _rg_, it may even be that the _y_ is a misreading for a
      > gamma.

      Well, as there's to the very best of my knowledge no (other) Q word with a
      gamma in it, it would rather surpise me. And _g_>_gh_>_y_ is hardly very odd.
      Greek's done it before front vowels, f'rinstance, and Noldorin seems to much
      the same in _Diriel_<_Dirghel_ (mentioned under DER in Etym), where the second
      element is from GYEL. Unchanged _-rg-_ wouldn't agree with the statement in
      Appendix E that Q only had _g_ in _-ng-_, but of course, the Professor may
      have changed his mind between writing Etym and LotR.

      There's also Q _felya_ from PHELEG- - no primitive form listed, but almost
      certainly *_phelgâ_; cf AT _felga_ and ON _phelga_. This would be a parallel

      (And yes, I'm aware of Q _ulundo_ < _ulgundô_, which raises the question why
      we're not seeing **fela instead.)

      > (A question may be asked if _kt_ had already become _xt_ when _3t_ became
      > _xt_. If so, I would be tempted to intepret [x] in _mahta_ as a realization of an
      > archiphoneme /k-h/ but that is a different matter.)

      It cannot have, since _ma3-tâ-_>_mahtâ-_ and _maktâ-_ yields different forms
      in Noldorin; _matho_ (with the Noldorin infinitival -o) and _maetha_ (glossed
      as infinitive, but apparently a "personless" present tense) respectively.

      "Quendi and Eldar" has AT _hecta-_ from _hek-tâ-_, confirming that _kt_ > _ht_
      is a specifically Quenya development.

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