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561Re: [Lambengolmor] Re: _Ingwe_: A Possible Quenya Word for "Insect"?

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  • Lukas Novak
    Dec 25, 2003
      Patrick H. Wynne wrote:

      > As for interpreting _telpingwe_ and _ulumpingwe_ as haplologies of
      > *_telpe-pingwe, *ulumpe-pingwe_, with *_pingwe_ meaning 'insect' --
      > while hapolology would probably occur if these forms existed, there
      > are etymological problems with *_pingwe_.


      I had in my mind something like PIK-ME > PINGWE - but I surmise this
      pattern is a feature of much later stages of the language...?
      I think you have convinced me that it is more probable that the words
      contain -ingwe.


      [You are right that the development of *_-k-m�_ > Q _-ngwe_ seen in
      the Etymologies -- e.g. *_rakm�_ > Q _rangwe_ 'fathom' -- does _not_
      occur in QL, in which all words in _-ngwe_ derive instead from roots
      with medial W (IWI etc.) or with medial NG (TENGE etc.) -- PHW]
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