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547Re : [Lambengolmor] Lecture by Dr Steven Pinker online-- "Words and rules: ingredients of language"

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  • Edouard Kloczko
    Nov 30 5:27 AM
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      Jan Theodore Galkowski wrote :

      > There is a lecture by Dr Steven Pinker available online for free at
      > http://mitworld.mit.edu/play/141/
      > which may be of interest to members of these groups. It's
      > called "Words and Rules: The Ingredients of Language".

      Pinker has been at the "Chomsky┬╣s School", so to speak. ;-)

      Here is what he said on his web page :

      "My research includes both empirical studies of linguistic behavior and
      theoretical analyses of the nature of language and its relation to mind and

      My source, which has many other links (some "dead"), is :


      Edouard Kloczko

      [Just a gentle reminder to all to keep any comments regarding this lecture
      or Dr. Pinker's other work relevant to Tolkien's languages. CFH]