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518Noldorin _nad_ 'thing' a gerund?

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  • Calwen Rudh
    Nov 4, 2003
      Yesterday night I was thinking of the Noldorin word _nad_ 'thing'
      (Etym. s.v. NĂ‚2-) and it came to me that it could be a gerund form
      of a verb *_na-_ 'to be': thus *'being' > 'thing'. What do you think?


      [I think such a form might have come to be interpreted as a gerund,
      though the fact that it is clearly cognate with Q _nat_ 'thing' (same
      entry), which looks rather like an extended, nominalized formation
      than a Qenya gerund, suggests that N _nad_ was probably not
      gerundial in origin. Note the somewhat similar Quenya word _eala_
      'being, spirit', apparently a participial formation in _-la_ <
      _ea_ 'to be, exist' (X:165). CFH]