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501Re: [Lambengolmor] Re: Valarin: Blessed, Unblessed versus Unmarred, Marred.

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  • Robert Wilson
    Oct 18, 2003
      On Sat, 18 Oct 2003 16:00:16 -0000 "Patrick H. Wynne" <pwynne@...>

      > This leaves *_kel�th_ to mean 'mirror', and this Valarin
      > form closely resembles Khuzdul _kheled_ 'glass' in
      > _Kheled-z�ram_ 'Mirrormere', lit. 'glass-pool' (VI:466 n.39).
      > Kh. _kheled_ was borrowed into Sindarin as _hele�_
      > 'glass', which appears in the lake-name _Hele(�)vorn_
      > 'black glass' (ibid.)

      I have noted this resemblance, and several others between Khuzdul and

      Valarin _a�ata_/_�ata_ "hair of head" (XI:399) and Khuzdul _shath�r_
      "cloud(s)" (LR, VII:174)

      Valarin _machall�m_ "one of the seats of the Valar in the Ring of Doom"
      (XI:399), and _m�chan_ "authority, authoritative decision" (XI:399) and
      Khuzdul _Mahal_ (S:44)

      Ardalambion also lists Valarin _m�chan�z_, pl. _m�chanum�z_
      ""Authorities", used of the greatest Valar, called _Aratar_ in Quenya",
      but without a citation...

      [These forms appear in XI:402. -- PHW]

      Valarin _ulu_/_ullu_ "water" (XI:400,401) and Khuzdul _�l_ "streams"

      Also, black speech _gh�sh_ "fire" (LR) seems like it could be related to
      valarin *_igas_ "heat" (isolated from _A��raigas_ "appointed heat" (XI:401).

      Robert Wilson
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