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488Re: [Lambengolmor] German Translations

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  • Hans Georg Lundahl
    Sep 24 10:10 AM
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      David Kiltz <dkiltz@...> wrote:

      > *Shire*: As A.R. Smith notes, _Gau_ is indeed completely impossible in
      > modern German due to its association with Nazi rule. Moreover, _GAU_
      > means 'größter anzunehmender Unfall' ('maximum credible accident' or
      > 'worst case scenario') something that is evoked, too (and often is,
      > deliberately, alluded to in reference to Nazi-Germany).

      In 1938 some German censors were asking Tolkien if he were _Arisch_ and
      Tolkien ridiculed the idea of asking it by _regretting_ to admit he had no
      Jewish ancestry. Now German editors are asking whether a Tolkien
      translation is completely _entnazifiziert_ - now, the _Gau_ would have
      been right, not just because the identic historic meaning is _shire_, but
      also because the reason _the Shire_ was called so was the military
      organisation of Arthedain. Something which is _not_ quite
      _entnazifiziert_, or at least not quite _demilitariziert_.

      > In my eyes, _Das Ländle_ wouldn't have been too bad but that's
      > associated with Baden-Würtemberg in particular in Germany.

      Well, Baden-Würtemberg is rather though not quite flat (==not in Alps
      or Riesengebirge), as well as fertile and (like all Germany, excepting
      Ruhrgebiet) fairly rural ... so though a Bavarian association (considering
      what hobbits and Bavarians are like) would have been better, _das Ländle_
      or for that matter _'s Landerl_ would be beautiful - though it means
      something else than Shire.

      Would someone use my adress to inform me (who have not read VT)
      how _the Shire_ actually _was_ translated into German? Unless our
      moderator Ælfwine is gentle enough to put that into an editorial
      comment, of course!

      [Arden writes that "the Shire appears with the curious name _das
      Auenland_ (_passim_), which means something like ‘riverside land’
      or ‘meadow-land' (VT36:32). CFH]

      Hans Georg Lundahl

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