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469Tengwar mode for Irish

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  • Michael Everson
    Aug 4, 2003
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      I am looking for people to review a Tengwar mode for Irish. If you're interested,
      please write to me privately. I'd prefer it if reviewers really knew something about
      Irish; idle curiosity is nice, but as the orthography proposed is rather radical,
      informed review would be more helpful to me. ;-)

      My interest is serious, applying a Sindarin-style mode appropriately to a language
      with a very different phonology from any of the languages Tolkien worked with or
      tried to represent. I do realize that this is slightly off-topic for this list, which is one
      reason I'd prefer to take the discussion off-line.

      [I echo Michael's sentiment that the main body of this sort of discussion should
      occur off-list. However, the application of the _Tengwar_ to other languages is
      part of the purpose of the _Tengwar_ (both internally and, as evidenced by Tolkien's
      own English usage, externally), so I encourage Michael to report back here when and
      as significant stages and results are arrived at. CFH]