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467SEL-D- in _Etymologies_: word restored?

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  • minas_tsulis
    Jul 15, 2003
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      I have a question concerning the entry SEL-D- in _Etymologies_:
      We there have the word _selde_. After the change of the etymology
      from "daughter" to "child" we see the Q forms _seldo_ and _selda_
      added. Is it plausible that "child" has the meaning of "progeny"
      (contrast to _hin_) and thus _seldo_ would be "male progeny" and
      thus "son" and, en suite, _selda_ would mean "female progeny"
      restoring thereby "daughter"?

      Thank you
      Minas Tsulis

      [Short answer: yes, it's plausible. Longer answer: Patrick Wynne and
      I have since last year been working on a complete "Addenda and
      Corrigenda to _The Etymologies_", which is nearing completion, and
      will be published in probably two parts in the next issues of _Vinyar
      Tengwar_. This and many other questions will be answered by that
      work. Watch this group and the _Vinyar Tengwar_ web site
      (<http://www.elvish.org/VT/>) for further announcements. CFH]