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446Re: Prepositions and nominal suffixes attested in Elvish

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  • David Kiltz
    May 26, 2003
      On Donnerstag, Mai 22, 2003, at 04:32 Uhr, Carl F. Hostetter wrote:

      >> Lastly, the assumption of an "uninflected" genitive for Quenya seems a
      >> little flawed to me. Things such as _airetári-lírinen_ or
      >> _ambar-metta_ should rather be treated as compounds.
      > Were those the only examples of an uninflected genitive cited by Chris
      > in forming his argument, I might agree with you. However, Chris also
      > cited two other, very clear, examples (VT36:20): _Valinóre Yénie_ 'the
      > Annals of Valinor' (X:200), and _Coron Oiolaire_ 'Mound (of)
      > Ever-Summer' (S:357).

      I think the answer is found in Hans post:

      > "though 'possession was indicated by the adjectival suffix -va, or
      > (especially in general descriptions) by a 'loose compound'... Orome
      > róma would mean 'an Orome horn', sc. one of Orome's horns.

      As Hans notes, _Orome_ here has genitival function without (overt) case
      markings. Such constructions also occur in English: _Mount Doom_ ==
      "Mount of doom" Hence, we do not have another genitive case here but
      probably something that is formally == nominative but functionally a
      genitive of possession or association.

      David Kiltz

      [I agree with your statement regarding functionality, but I would myself be
      more expansive than to write that the uninflected genitive "== nominative", as
      that seems to imply more than I would commit to. Rather, I would simply
      note that uninflected forms in Quenya are used for genitive and nomnative
      functions (as well as accusative). Further, I do not agree that we cannot
      speak of an uninflected genitive "case"; it seems to me that by your argument,
      we can speak neither of nominative nor accusative _cases_ in Quenya, either;
      which is clearly not the case (no pun intended). CFH]
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