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414Re: [Lambengolmor]  Meaning of o-/ó-

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  • Beregond. Anders Stenström
    May 2, 2003
      Edouard Kloczko wondered

      > how others do interpret the following:
      > ÓNI, ONYE "you (both) with me" or simply "(you) with me".

      In an appended comment Patrick Wynne noted that the
      phrasing of the question apparently

      > assumed that _ó-_ here must have a dual
      > sense, as described in "Quendi and Eldar", referring to "the
      > meeting, junction, or union of two things or persons, or of
      > two groups thought of as units" (XI:367).

      To take up this thread, it is worth noting that Tolkien in L 212,
      the letter to Rhona Beare in October 1958, quotes the word
      _olassie_ 'foliage' (paragraph 21; L:282), where _o-_ does not
      have the dual, or rather bilateral, sense elaborated in "Quendi
      and Eldar". It seems likely that this sense was a new idea arising
      in the writing of "Quendi and Eldar", and thus not originally
      present in _omentielmo_ (in the first edition of LR), nor in the
      Ataremma group of texts.

      Meneg suilaid,