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412tyenna - lyenna

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  • Edward J. Kloczko
    Apr 28, 2003
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      Hans wrote:

      > _lyenna_ (obviously "upon you") is found in an JRRT autograph dating from 1968.
      > [So says Helge. I wonder whether the word in question could instead be
      > _tyenna_? Tolkien's _t_s and _l_s are sometimes difficult to distinguish, as he
      > had a habit of placing the cross-bar of his _t_s far to the right of the vertical
      > member, and also of "blending" it with the start of a following consonant. CFH]

      From my reading of that page, the _ly_ seems to be the only possible reading.
      There is no cross-bar near it.

      Edouard Kloczko

      [Thanks for the information. However, as I noted, a displaced cross-bar is only
      one possibility, another being that it has instead become merged with the start
      of the following "y". CFH]