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401Re: Possible ON -r derivation?

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  • Boris Shapiro
    Apr 6, 2003

      Sunday, April 6, 2003, 5:56:18 PM, Carl F . Hostetter wrote:

      >> Here we have _-ro_, which is obviously not agentive (because an agentive
      >> ending _-ndo_ present). ...

      CFH> I don't find that obvious. It is not at all unheard of to have "double"
      CFH> suffixes in languages; ...

      Yes, you're right. I should have remembered cases like N _badhron_
      (_*badro-ndo_) etc.

      Namaarie! S.Y., Elenhil Laiquendo [Boris Shapiro]

      : nai ilqua eruanna i nee antanin terlinnuva sen ยท nai erye vartuva :
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