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394Re: Q. _Tarantar_ 'Trotter'

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  • Patrick H. Wynne
    Mar 31, 2003
      I have received an e-mail from Milan Rezac, who pointed out that
      there is an explicit statement by Tolkien on the topic of nasal
      infixion and agentives to be found in "Quendi and Eldar" (XI:317):

      "An old derivative of _*aba-_ as a quasi-verbal stem was _*abaro_ >
      CE _*abar_. This was an old agental formation, as seen also in
      _Teler_, pl. _Teleri_, made with the suffix _-ro_, added to
      _ómataina_. (Other forms of this suffix were _-rô_ added to
      stem, with or without _n_-infixion; and _-rdo_ > _rd_.)"

      I completely overlooked this statement when preparing my comments on
      _Tarantar_, and my thanks to Milan for pointing it out. The fact that
      agentive suffix _-rô_ was "added to stem, with or without
      _n_-infixion" would seem to support the possibility of a stem *TARAT-
      'to trot' > agentive _*tarantarô_ or _*tarantrô_ (cf.
      _*kwentro_) > _Tarantar_ 'Trotter' (perhaps itself a shortening of
      earlier _*Tarantaro_, with the final _-o_ dropped on analogy with
      agentives such as _Avar_ 'recusant, one who refuses to act as advised
      or commanded' (XI:371), _Teler_, _Envinyatar_ 'Renewer', etc.

      -- Patrick H. Wynne
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