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380Re: ómentie - excursus on mamilla

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  • Hans Georg Lundahl
    Mar 22, 2003
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      "Edward J. Kloczko" <ejk@...> wrote:

      > _mammilla_ > _mamilla_ shows the usual and well known Latin internal geminated
      > consonant simplification after a long vowel, as _*seddolod_ > _sedulo_; or
      > _*sed-cubo_ > _*seccubo_ > _secubo_, etc. This phenomenon goes as well for the
      > Germanic as you pointed out in your post but not in Ancient Greek.
      > In Quenya we are dealing with an initial long vowel shortening.

      Pas du tout. Not at all. The vowels in _mamilla_ are all short. Just like the vowels in
      primitive _mamma_ (which does not mean 'mother', but if I recall correctly, 'female
      breast' -- _mamilla_ means 'nipple'). The reason cannot therefore be any clash
      between long vowel and long consonant. On _sedulo_ I pass. As for _secubo_ you
      may be right or the composition may be later than the fall of d in _sed-_. But in
      _mamilla_, we have a long syllable shortened precisely because it is pretonic --
      not that this shortening is absolutly regular, rather it is sporadic (a Jung-grammarian
      would say: often reversed by analogy). At least that is the account of _mammilla_ >
      _mamilla_ given by the learned Stowasser, and you have not disproven it. Is the Greek
      cognate -- if any -- a word in letter _eta_ (Ionic-Attic dialect group)?

      If -- as is most probable -- the explanation of short first syllable in _mamilla_ is
      rhythmic, the rhythmic feeling of mature Latin -- the relevance to Quenya, which
      borrows nearly all of Latin prosody (not the muta cum liquida exception, nor the
      accent on last syllable when followed by an enclitic word, but the rest), is obvious
      -- except that more learned eldalambengolmor than myself are saying that the
      root of that prefix was originally short. But even then: a reason for shortening in
      one language may be a reason for not lengthening in another.

      Hans Georg Lundahl

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