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370Re: ómentie

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  • Pavel Iosad
    Mar 20, 2003
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      Edouard wrote:

      > But the direct ancestor of Q. _omentie_ could not have had a
      > long _�_, because the next following syllable is long

      To which Carl replied:

      > But Tolkien said _normally_ unstressed, not _always_
      > unstressed; and indeed we do see long-long syllable
      > patterns in Quenya [examples follow]

      To which I hasten to add that Quenya possessed a strong, if lower in
      tone, initial stress, and even though in _�mentie_ it precedes the main
      stress, it can account for the length of the _�_ (viz., it would exactly be
      retained if the syllable were long)

      Pavel Iosad pavel_iosad@...

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