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363Re: [Lambengolmor] Re: Tyelpetema and phonetics vs. phonology in Quenya

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  • Lukas Novak
    Mar 16, 2003
      Ales Bican wrote:

      >> > There is no sign for Czech _r-hacek_, either.
      >> That'd be coarticulated [r] and [Z].

      > **Is it? As far as I understand and as I hear, it is not coarticulated. Or
      > does the quotation from Trubetzkoy suggest so?

      AFAIK and hear, it is like [r], only the frequency of trilling is
      about thrice as high. I think that pronunciation as coarticulated [r]
      and [Z] would be funny and incorrect (it would betray a stranger :-)).

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