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350Possible ON -r derivation?

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  • Boris Shapiro
    Mar 12, 2003

      Do you know anything about rare cases of -r derivation in Old
      Noldorin? I mean cases like N _gador_ "prison" (V:358) and _nadhor_
      "pasture" (V:374) which come from _GAT_ and _NAT_ and have neither R
      in their roots nor any sense of agental meaning in themselves.

      There is no agentive suffix, as far as I can tell, especially since
      these are inanimate abstracts. It is suggested by David Salo that
      they come from ON _*gatr-_ and _*nadr-_. Where could this _-r_ come
      from in ON? Is it, perhaps, connected with rare cases like ON nouns
      _ndakro_ "battle" (V:375) and _etledro_ possibly "exile *(as an act,
      not person)" (V:368) where agentive _-ro_ seems to form inanimate

      As far as I remember, there nothing is known neither about Primitive
      Elvish -R stem modification T > TR, D > DR nor forming inanimate
      abstracts with agentive suffuxes (namely _-ro_), either.

      So where does this -r come from?

      Namaarie! S.Y., Elenhil Laiquendo [Boris Shapiro]

      : ande nar i falmar falasse meetima lantala :
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