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336Re: _hr-_ in Quenya

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  • Petri Tikka
    Mar 6, 2003
      Pavel Iosad tence:

      > Petri Tikka wrote:
      > > another origin for _hr-_ might be _kr-_.
      > I strongly doubt that. The first syllable of a KAR-initial stem
      > wouldn't suffer any kind of syncope in Quenya, since stress
      > was retracted exactly to the first syllable:

      Yes, there was probably no _kr-_ in PQ, or at later stages before
      Quenya. I mean possible loan words, since the cluster couldn't be
      understood. By analogy with the only similar example _sr-_, initial
      unvoiced consonant followed by _r_, _kr-_ would be changed to _hr-_.

      - Petri Tikka
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