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328Retention of original ST- medially in Quenya

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  • David Kiltz
    Feb 25, 2003
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      PHW wrote:

      > [Not _all_ examples -- cf. Q. _estel_ 'hope' < STEL 'remain firm'
      > (XI:318) and Q. _sandastan_ 'shield-barrier' < _stama-_ 'bar, exclude'
      > (UT:282 n.16). There are probably other Q. examples besides these.

      I was referring to The Etymologies. But your examples are wonderful, I
      didn't find them then.
      So _st_ would be retained.

      David Kiltz

      [As would _sk_, on the basis of _askante_ 'sunder-broke' (IX:310),
      which evidently derives from SKAT- 'break asunder' (V:386).
      -- Patrick Wynne]
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