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31RE: [Lambengolmor] "Quenya of _Namaarie_"

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  • Arden R. Smith
    May 31, 2002
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      Carl wrote:

      >[Arden was of course referring to versions published by Tolkien, i.e.
      >within Tolkien's lifetime. But if we expand his distinction to include
      >draft versions, there is in addition to the early draft Pavel is
      >referring to the variant pre-publication version on the Caedmon recordings
      >(now published on CD by HarperCollins). And there are a number as yet
      >unpublished draft versions in the Marquette archives. Carl]

      Yes, indeed! In fact, there are *two* recordings of Galadriel's
      Lament on Caedmon LP #TC1478, _J. R. R. Tolkien Reads and Sings His
      The Lord of the Rings_: one spoken and one sung. Phonetic
      transcriptions of both renditions appear in _An Introduction to
      Elvish_, ed. Jim Allan (Frome: Bran's Head, 1978), p. 158. These
      might be regarded as the same version with regard to the underlying
      text, but there are a number of differences in pronunciation between
      the two recordings.

      Arden R. Smith erilaz@...

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