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30Re: [Lambengolmor] Quenya intervocalic -d-'s revisited

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    May 31, 2002
      On 5/31/02 7:42 PM, "Pavel Iosad" <pavel_iosad@...> wrote:

      > While I was re-reading VT43 again, the following caught my eye on p. 33,
      > "the contemporary list of prepositions mentioned in the discussion of
      > _aselye_ above gives the root _ara_ 'along side' (in apparent contrast
      > with another root, _ada_ 'against, opposed to, opposite)...'

      There is another factor to consider about the possible convergence of these
      two particular roots. While "along side" and "against, opposed to, opposite"
      may seem impossibly disparate in sense, English itself shows a blending and
      blurring of these concepts. Consider: if I say I am fighting _with_ someone,
      only context can determine whether I mean that I am fighting _against_
      someone, or fighting _along side_ them. Either interpretation is possible.
      And if I say I am _against_ something, I can mean that I am _opposed_ to it,
      or that I am _along side_ it (here, the nature of the thing say I am against
      will likely be determinative).

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