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296Re: Miqilis?

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  • Ales Bican
    Dec 22, 2002
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      [Cross-posted to elfling and lambengolmor. -- ab]

      "pa2rick " wrote:

      > _miqilis_ in the 1931 poem is probably a shortened form of
      > _miqilitse_ 'little or tender kiss'. With omission of the final _-e_,
      > _miqilits-_ would become _miqilis_ -- compare _oaris_
      > 'mermaid' in QL, in which the final _-s_ is reduced from _-ts_
      > in the stem _*oarits-_ (the _ts_ of the stem is retained medially
      > in the pl. _Oaritsi_, I:227).
      > The diminutive suffix _-litse_ in _miqilitse_ also occurs in QL
      > in the form _inwilitse_ 'little fairy', < _inwe_ 'one of the royal
      > house of the Eldar'. It is also possible that in _miqilis_ the final
      > element has been reinterpreted as a shortened form of _lisse_
      > 'sweet' (LR:368).

      **While this is a very likely interpretation of _miqilis_ (and I thought
      about it myself), it is possible that the segment _-lis_ is not a short
      variant of the (diminutive) suffix _-litse_, but it is the same _-lis_
      that appears in a number of Qenya words in QL. Here they are:

      _arqilis_ "desert", _arqa_ "arid, parched, dry" (32L)
      _avestalis_ "January", _avesta_ "opening, beginning, overture" (29L)
      _indolis_ "domicile", _indo_ "house" (43L)
      _Inwilis_ "Faƫry", _inwe_ "1 of the royal house of the _Eldar_" (42R)
      _lattulis_ "window" (51R), cf. _latsina_ "open, level, broad" (50R)
      _loqilis_ "question" (56L, deleted)
      _maksilis_ "lordship", _maksi-_ "hold, grip, power, possession" (57R)
      _niqilis_ "fine snow", NIQI "white" (66L)
      _oinalis_ "ointment", OYO "salve, rub, oil" (71R)
      _qindelis_ "a nun", _qinde_ "womanliness, femininity" (77L, R)
      _sintilis_ "a sparkling as of crystal", _sint_ (ty) "a gleam, spark,
      glister, drop of dew, etc." (85L)
      _turinqilis_ "princess" (95L)

      It seems to be some kind of abstract suffix. Hence if we have _miqe_
      "a kiss" and _miq-_ "to kiss" (61R), than _miqilis_ might mean

      Ales Bican

      Words are useless, especially sentences, they don't stand for anything,
      how could they explain how I feel? (Madonna, _Bedtime Story_)
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