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  • Hans Georg Lundahl
    Dec 11, 2002
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      I don't know if articles on Nevbosh are accepted on this list, but here is one.
      A quote from the Nevbosh entry in Ardalmbion

      "Another such "primitive and arbitrary sound-law" was to replace final -ow of
      native words with -oc: "how" > hoc, "row" > gyróc (but where did the gy come

      and another one:

      "gyróc "row" (noise) (Distortion of English word + an unanalyzable prefixed
      element gy-.) [Daniel Dawson comments: "The gy- in gyróc is probably related to
      the Germanic Ge-, which I know in at least Ger. and Anglo-Saxon (AS) tend(ed)
      to make a noun collective, or something along those lines. This is made
      plausible by the fact that one Ger. word for 'noise' is (das) Geräusch or, in a
      technical sense, (das) Rauschen, which are similar to gyróc. Additionally, my
      dictionary suggests that E. 'row' (in the sense of noise -- quite British,
      also) might be a back-formation from rouse, which is extremely similar to

      and a third:

      "woc "cow". (English word reversed; cf. also Latin vacca, French vache; the
      kids were well aware of this double "etymology")"

      and a final, vital piece of evidence:

      "roc "ask". Past tense *roct "asked"? (Latin rogo)"

      My two observations:

      A - since he started reversing _cow_ to _woc_, the not yet Professor made a
      sound law: Engl. _ow_ > Nevbosh _oc_. This is the first cause of _woc_ as well
      as of _(gy)roc_. That _woc_ has a phonetical relation to _vache_ as _gyróc_ to
      _Geraeusch_ is subsidiary.

      B - since _roc_ means _ask_, _row_ could not _just_ become _roc_ but one had to
      add something - like something related to Ge/OE _ge_, ME _y_ MnE _a_. THey
      settled for _gy_, an obvious compromise between _ge_ and _y_, if JRRT was
      already familiar with OE.

      I think the question is solved.

      Hans Georg Lundahl

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