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  • Hans Georg Lundahl
    Dec 3, 2002
      Petri Tikka <kari.j.tikka@...> wrote:

      "Could the original have gone something like *_Olosse íre losse ve_ or
      *_Olosse íre sílala_ (cf. _íre_ 'when' V:72, _ve_ 'as, like' R:66,
      _sílala_'shining' MC:214)? The Westron version would be a poetic

      _Olosse íre losse ve_

      metre: sSsSsSss (s==unaccented syllable, S=¬cented syllable)

      _Olosse íre sílala_

      metre: sSsSsSss

      This presupposes that there are no elisions in Quenya poems, doesn't
      it? Perhaps there aren't. Just checking and asking.

      [-- Hans Georg Lundahl]

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