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270Re: Numerals as Adjectives in Sindarin

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  • Lukas Novak
    Oct 5, 2002
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      > --- In lambengolmor@y..., "Pavel Iosad" <pavel_iosad@m...> wrote:

      >> _tri peschery_ 'three caves' (gen.pl.)

      > Of course, you meant "gen. sg." here (peschery).

      Err, isn't it rather nom. pl. ?

      A: Philosophy is the making of significant distinctions.
      B: Why isn't that just taxonomy?
      A: Your question proves my point.
      (Philip Davis)

      [Again, let's bring this back to Tolkien. Also, please sign your posts.
      And if all you have to submit is a correction like the above, especially
      one not involving Tolkien's languages, please point them out to the
      author privately, and let the author make any necessary correction to
      the list. I've been very pleased with the very high "signal-to-noise"
      ratio of this list, and I intend to maintain it. CFH]
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