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263Numerals as Adjectives in Sindarin

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  • Petri Tikka
    Oct 4, 2002
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      --- In lambengolmor@y..., David Kiltz <dkiltz@g...> wrote:

      > The name of _Lebennin_ might give a clue to how Sindarin works in this
      > respect. That is, if the entry NEN- in V:376 was still valid at the
      > time of the creation of that name, _nin_ should be plural here.
      > However, it is also conceivable that the Sindarin for "water" wasn't
      > _nen_, pl. _nîn_ anymore but rather _nín_, pl _nîn_. Any evidence for
      > that ?
      > David Kiltz

      No, there is actually evidence against that in _Emyn Arnen_ (LR:734),
      which is of unknown meaning, but presumably *'Hills of Royal Water'.
      _Arnen_ has a plural form of _Ernin_ in _Lonnath-Ernin_ (VIII:294).

      [In the 1969 essay on "The Rivers and Beacon-hills of Gondor", Tolkien
      writes of _Emyn Arnen_ that an historian of Gondor "thinks therefore
      that _Arnen_ originally was intended to mean 'beside the water, sc.
      Anduin'; but _ar-_ in this sense is Quenya, not Sindarin. Though since
      in the full name _Emyn Arnen_ the _Emyn_ is Sindarin plural of _Amon_
      'hill', Arnen cannot be a Sindarin adjective, since an adjective of
      such shape would have a Sindarin plural _ernain_, or _ernin_. The name
      must therefore have meant 'the hills of Arnen'" (VT42:17). CFH]

      But _Lebennin_ seems strangely contradicting to the late example of
      _Menegroth_ 'the Thousand Caves or Delvings' (XI:415), which has
      _groth_ 'a large excavation' (XI:415) in an unchanged form. Maybe it
      is a genitive construction from *_Meneg 'Roth_ 'Thousand of Cave'?
      That would seem strange to me.

      And what about the earlier example of _Edegil_ 'Seven Stars' (V:379)?
      Is *_gil_ plural in form? No, the plural of _gîl_ 'star' is listed as
      _geil_ (V:358) in the same text. No definite conclusion about the
      behaviour of numerals as adjectives in Sinarin can be drawn from these
      examples. More examples or a statement from Tolkien would be needed.

      Petri Tikka Helsinki, Finland
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