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  • Boris Shapiro
    Oct 1, 2002

      A line in VT43:14 puzzles me: "_na_ also has a subjunctive or
      imperative sense when preceding a verb".

      Could you explain what you mean by "subjunctive" here? Do we
      really have some info on conditional mood in Quenya (well,
      obliquely) now?

      [From the context, Tolkien's own note, and the examples given there, what is
      intended is clearly what is sometimes called the "hortatory" or "volitive"
      subjunctive, which implies a condition contrary to (known) fact, and expresses
      an exhortation and/or desire to change that condition. CFH]

      Namaarie! S.Y., Elenhil Laiquendo [Boris Shapiro]

      : masse sii rocco ar roquen? : masse naa romba i suuyane? :
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