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25"Quenya of _Namaarie_"

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  • Boris Shapiro
    May 31 10:48 AM
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      In a message on Elfling Pavel has argued that there could be no
      general "Namaarie-style Quenya", for that particular phase of Quenya
      begins and ends with "Namaarie" and in any other sole piece of
      Quenya text there is already a somehow different Quenya.

      Not to say that I disagree with such view, but I believe it is a
      bold (not necessary wrong) extension of what Carl and others say
      about Tolkien's languages. I myself adhere to this opinion (as I
      believe most of the present colleagues do) and I think it would be
      quite useful if Carl or Bill or any of the venerable ELF members
      give a small talk on that subject. To what extent one could regard
      the gradual perfection of Quenya (or any of Tolkien's languages) as
      producing clearly distinguishable stages of Quenya? I would be glad
      to have this view articulated in a comprehensive essay. That would
      serve as a kind of Creed for this wonderful list. Hmm, *_Sande
      Lambengolmion"... :-)

      Namaarie! S.Y., Elenhil Laiquendo

      : masse sii rocco ar roquen? : masse naa romba i suuyane? :
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