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246Re: Q verbal intensive prefix a-

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  • Hans
    Sep 16, 2002
      --- In lambengolmor@y..., Boris Shapiro <elenhil@p...> wrote:

      > Do you have any ideas for a Quenya verbal intensive prefix? There
      > used to be _a-_ in QL, but I do not remember whether it occurs in
      > later sources. Perhaps it could be reasonable enough even in later
      > stages, because of the possible connection with the PE intensive
      > stem variations. Any ideas?

      There are traces of a-infixion in Etymologies and other sources: root
      MIL-IK with the derivation _maile_ "lust" (V:415), containing also the
      (later obviously abandoned) derivation of _Melko_ frorm _*Mailikô_,
      and the etymology of _maeg_ via the 'strong adjective' _*maikâ_
      "sharp, penetrating" from the root _mik_ "pierce" (IX:337).
      In both cases, an intensification was intended, as the 'strong' in the
      latter example indicates explicitly. Maybe those are the stem
      variations Boris had in mind.

      There's at least one example pointing at _a_ as a verbal prefix: under
      root SUK- in Etymologies, we find the Sindarin verb _sogo_ "drink",
      and a past tense form _asogant_ is given (V:434).
      However, it seems that JRRT in Etymologies was inclined towards the
      augment, i.e. the reduplication of the stem vowel, already: the entry
      I- says "intensive prefix where i is base vowel" (V:401).
      In later sources, examples abound. Of course, this gives the same
      result when the _sundóma_ is _a_, and that's frequent.

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