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24Re: Annwfn, Rhiannon, Arawn & Morris-Jones

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    May 31, 2002
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      On 5/31/02 9:32 AM, "Candon McLean" <candon3@...> wrote:

      > Which is significant for _udûn_, but Tolkien's acceptance of
      > Morris-Jones' eytomogy here doesn't perclude Tolkien's use of the other
      > interpretations of _Annwfn_ for other Elvish words, e.g. _annûn_.

      Oh, I agree, wholeheartedly. I never meant to imply that there could be _no_
      intended relationship between S. _Annûn_ and Welsh _Annw(f)n_.

      But if there is, it must be a different sort of relationship than that
      proposed for _Udûn_ (< *_Utubnu_) and _Annw(f)n_ (< *_n-dub-n-_). It is just
      conceivable that *_n-dub-n-_, the ancient antecedent of _Annw(f)n_ (as
      corrobated by cognates in other languages), could have some relationship
      with the Eldarin forms; but it would be much harder to argue that either
      _Annw(f)n_ or *_n-dub-n_ could have been formed upon S. _Annûn_, Q.
      _Andúne_, or their antecedents (how, for instance, could we account for the
      _f_ of _Annwfn_?)

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