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23Re: [Lambengolmor] Re: Annwfn, Rhiannon, Arawn & Morris-Jones

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  • Candon McLean
    May 31, 2002
      I wrote:

      > Tolkien, I believe, may have been influenced by Morris-Jones, but he
      > certainly would not have accepted Morris-Jones' etymologies blindly.

      Carl replied:

      > Indeed! Which if anything makes it all the more significant that
      > Tolkien nonetheless accepted Jones's etymology in this case, at least
      > to the extent of echoing it in his own notes.

      Which is significant for _ud�n_, but Tolkien's acceptance of
      Morris-Jones' eytomogy here doesn't perclude Tolkien's use of the other
      interpretations of _Annwfn_ for other Elvish words, e.g. _ann�n_.

      Indeed it seems very Tolkien to have two words of Elvish that have
      fallen together in meaning in Human languages to explain the various
      interpretations of the Welsh _Annwfn_.


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