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228Meta: message encoding

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    Sep 7, 2002
      If anyone is having trouble with accented characters and the like not
      displaying properly in your e-mail client, be aware that the fault lies
      in the poster's e-mail client being set to a platform-specific encoding
      scheme (e.g., "Windows-1251/Windows Latin 1") instead of a
      standards-based scheme (e.g., "ISO-8859-1/ISO Latin 1"). To
      compensate, you may need to temporarily set your e-mail client to use a
      different, compatible encoding to display any problematic messages. You
      can also go to the Lambengolmor message archives on the web at:
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lambengolmor/ to see the message
      displayed with the proper encoding.

      I encourage all list members who are able to do so to set your e-mail
      client to use a standards-based encoding scheme (such as ISO-8859-1/ISO
      Latin 1) for all messages you send to the list.