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219on Q _apa_

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  • Boris Shapiro
    Sep 6, 2002

      I was much delighted to learn from the last VT issue about a
      useful Quenya preposition:

      _apa_ "touching, against", from the root *(A)PA "touch (not with
      fingers, but of contact of surfaces, esp. vertical surface)"

      I recalled Q _Apanoonar_ "the After-born" from S:122, and XI:387
      gives S _aphad-_ 'follow' < *_ap-pata_ 'walk behind, on a track or
      path'. Both obviously employ the same preposition *_ap(a)_.

      The question is how are _apa_ from VT and _*ap(a)_ from XI

      The answer comes from QL _ar_ (_as-_) "to, against, next, on
      (wall)" and GL _hath-_ "close to, by; beside; touching",
      connecting both meanings. Both "apa's" probably share a common
      meaning "touching, close to, against, beside, next, after" and
      thus represent a single preposition whose concept remained
      throughout the development of Quenya.

      Now the question is of the nature of _#epe-_ "*after" in Q
      _epesse_ "after-name". Could it be not _epe_ but _apa_ + _esse_ >
      *_apesse > _epesse_ since VT42:32 has _epe_ "before" (actually,
      **"after", an error corrected in VT44) of the contrary meaning?

      Namaarie! S.Y., Elenhil Laiquendo [Boris Shapiro]

      [The reading _epesse_ 'after-name' (XII:339) cannot be an editorial
      misreading of _**apesse_, since the text in which it occurs, _The
      Shibboleth of Feanor_, is a typescript, and the word _epesse_
      appears as such several times throughout that essay. Elements
      meaning 'before' and 'after' in Elvish have a disconcerting tendency
      to reverse their meaning depending on context; with _apa-_ as 'after'
      in _Apan�nar_ 'the After-born', compare _apa-_ as 'fore-' in _apacenye_
      'foresight' (X:216). QL also gives a root N�, NOWO, NONO that means
      both 'ahead, in front' and 'after, of time'. -- Patrick Wynne]

      : ande nar i falmar falasse meetima lantala :
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