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216Re: [Lambengolmor] Rohirric

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  • Hans Georg Lundahl
    Sep 3, 2002
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      Considering that _Rohan_, _Rohirrim_ are elvish names and the indigenous name
      is Mark, Riddersmark for the country (formerly _Calenardhon_?) and Riders of
      the Mark for the cavalry, the language would be called Markish or Merkish --
      which approximates what it would be called in Old Mercian, since it was called
      Miercisc in West Saxon. Rohirric is linguistically Old Mercian, differing from
      West Saxon notably in the absence of certain vowel breakings: Saruman where
      WS would have had Searuman, Isengard instead of Isengeard etc.

      Hans Georg Lundahl

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